Le Nord, le Département est là
Le Nord, le Département est là

The permanent collection

Du 1er novembre 2020 au 1 novembre 2024 <p>Suitable for all visitors</p>

Unique in Europe, Musée de Flandre ambitions to exhibit the rich diversity of Flemish art from the 15th century to the present.

The collections are presented by theme which promotes dialogue between ancient art and contemporary creations, allowing visitors to discover different types of works (drawings, engravings, sculptures, and more) and demonstrates the extraordinary inventiveness of Flemish artists.

Starting with some 6000 objects, the current collections have grown further to an acquisition policy targeting contemporary art and ancient art of the 16th and 17th centuries. The museum houses works by Léo Copers, Jan Fabre, Patrick van Caeckenbergh, Koen Vanmechelen, and Eric de Ville; while the collection of ancient art includes works by Maître de Francfort, Guillaume Kerricx, Roelandt Savery, David Téniers, Joachim Patinir, Simon de Vos, Pieter Coecke van Aelst, and Jan Fyt.

Since its opening, the museum has designed and presented unique and original exhibitions to take you off the beaten path.
Three among them were awarded the “Exhibition of National Interest” by the Ministry of Culture: Flanders and the Sea in 2015, The Odyssey of Animals in 2016, and Gaspar de Crayer: Between Rubens and Van Dyck in 2018.

After the success of the Festivals and Fetes in Bruegel’s time exhibition, the museum presents its newly reorganised permanent collection which presents the latest deposits and acquisitions including the splendid fiery painting Landscape of Lot and his Daughters Fleeing Sodom by Joos de Momper, as well as other objects such the scale-model of one of the Cassel wind mills which is no longer standing.

The master pieces 

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The visits are organised around 4 themes:

1. Submission and Wrath

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2. Between Earth and Sky

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3. Reason and Excess

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4. Pomp and Mockery

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Tarifs et visites

School groups

Free unguided visits for school children and accompanying adults

On reservation.

Adult groups

Unguided visits (starting at 10 persons) reduced rate 6€ or 4€

Guided visit (max 25 people) 
130€ (1h), 175€ (1h30), 200€ (2h)

Outside guides are authorised upon request at the following rates:130€ (1h), 175€ (1h30), 200€ (2h)

+33 (0)3 59 73 45 59

The complete collection is accessible.
Tactile models along the visit pathway.

  • Guided visit for 1 group (from 10 to 25 persons) 40€ (1h) 60€ (2h) 80€ (2h for two groups) 
  • Guided visit + workshop (up to 15 persons)
    80€ (2h)
  • Guided visit + workshop (from 16 to 25 persons) 100€ (2h)

Contact :
Lidwine Mestanza ou Marie Montet
+33 (0)3 59 73 45 64 / +33 (0)3 59 73 44 09


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